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Spice Paprika

The world-famous Kalocsa spice paprika shows its colour in the neighbourhood of the town. Its folk art is very rich in motifs. At the folk art fairs organized around Easter, women dressed in gala costumes decorated with Kalocsa embroidery sell their needlework.


The blouses, aprons, doilies, tablecloths, curtains and dolls, richly embroidered with cotton, delight the eye. The ornamentation used in this district imitates mainly plant tendrils, they are mainly stylized flowers. That is why these inventive works are highly colourful.

Rare old Kalocsa Style

The rare old Kalocsa style embroidery can be of white colour. A very old motif is the motif of the heart- shaped flower which can stand for life, love. The white colour symbolizes purity, innocence while the coloured works are suggesting zest for life. The art of Kalocsa embroidery and painting is worth to be discovered.

Folk Art

The Folk Art Ethnic House is a peasant house from the turn of the century. It is home to Kalocsa's painting women.

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